Friday, January 4, 2008

So It Begins

I am a Peace Corps Invitee!!! This essentially means that I want to join the PC and it's affirmative they want me to join too. I will hear the exact where, when, and what, when the official invitation package lands on my doorstep (in about 2 weeks?, it's just been sent out from DC). Jeez, I'm brimming with anticipation! I heard the acceptance news, via email, over my morning coffee at work. Pictures below.

This is a pivotal point in the sometimes frustrating (though usually breezier than I expected)beaurocratic I-want-to-join-the-Peace Corps process. I've applied, been interviewed, written my little essays, endured doctor's pokes and prods and psychological evaluations, and now recieved a stamp of approval. I was originally recommended for a position in the Pacific Islands leaving late May/early June of 2008. With my architecture and engineering background, it was thought I would work well in a water and sanitation project management type o' position. Sounds sweet to me.

I think I might be going to either the country of Samoa or Palau. There appears to be programs leaving in my aforementioned projected departure times doing water work both places. I'll wait and see. I'm thrilled and know this is the right thing for me to do right now, but I am already missing certain people that can't come with. Oh dear, goodbyes are difficult.


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